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Quality lies at the core of our practice.

Our Products are always made using high quality, organic, local and seasonal ingredients where possible and all our products are free from artificial flavourings and colourings.

We use organic herbs in our Herbal Elixirs and our Herbal Tea blends.

Our No.1 Gin uses eight classic gin botanicals alongside fragrant hand-picked, local, wild grown Somerset Lime Flowers.

Our DIY Gin Lip Balm Kit uses locally produced beeswax.

We use seasonal, bio-dynamic or wild-grown fruits to infuse in our Fruit Gins. Biodynamic fruits are grown using the fertility of the soil and not by using chemical fertilisers, so we can ensure ZERO pesticides are infused into our gins. We pick our fruits by hand so we can select the ripest fruits to give our gins full, natural flavour.

Small Batch production

We distill in small batches with a very precise technique to ensure each batch is as fantastic as the last. Without giving away the secrets of our process, we can say that our understanding of the distillation process allows us to maximise our capture of the volatile flavour molecules, resulting in a full-bodied, smooth gin.

Attention to Detail

Our products are hand finished - each bottle is filled, waxed, labelled and numbered by hand, this attention to detail ensures each bottle has been made to the highest standards.