Sustainability lies at the core of our practice, we are always looking at ways we can cut our environmental impact.


We use glass and ceramic bottles as they are more sustainable and recyclable then one use plastics. We encourage customers to bring in their empty bottles - we can reuse these for our apothecary experiments and it saves the fossil fuels needed to reprocess the bottles, You can get £1 off your next bottle by returning your old one. If you can't get to the distillery to return your bottles, we've seen some amazing creations by our customers giving our bottles a new life.


Get creative with your finished packaging:

  • Our clay Apothecary bottles make amazing vases
  • Rinse and dry your bottles and save them for your own gin infusions and drink creations. 
  • Take advantage of our apothecary packaging and put a candle in the bottle for an interesting candle holder. 
  • Keep your tea tin and bring in to get it refilled, alternatively, fill with some tea bags or loose leaf tea to keep it fresh at home.
  • Our 5cl bottles can be used to store ground herbs and spices, or to store 'juice shots' avoid buying plastic bottles on the go.

Local services

We use local label printers within walking distance to minimise postage and packaging.

Local delivery's on foot or by bike

For delivery's in Bath we cut our carbon footprint in the local area by delivering by bike or on foot. 

Locally sourced fruit - hand picked by us

We believe its important to take the time and hand pick locally grown, seasonal, wild and bio-dynamic fruits for our fruit gins. Although this process can be quite time consuming we want to avoid importing fruits that grow here in abundance in the summer. Whilst reducing our environmental impact, our fruits are free of pesticide laden fruits, are fresher, riper and more flavorsome.


We are shocked by the amount of plastic, cardboard and various other materials we receive when ordering parcels. We reuse packing materials sent to us in parcels in orders we send out, and encourage you to do the same. To prevent any-more being generated, we pack our parcels with recycled materials such as straw and wood shavings. 

We use recycled cardboard boxes for our DIY kits, our glass bottles are recyclable or hardy enough to be re-used. We use biodegradable straws for tasting sessions instead of those small plastic cups. 

Fruit Pulp

We give our fruit pulp anyway or put it into compost to use in the garden at home. We have tried fruit jellys, jams and ice lolly's made from the the pulp of our fruit gins.