Bitters 5cl

Bitters 5cl


Bitters 60%

We create our bitters by steeping fruits and herbs in our No.1 gin and distilled water to extract the properties of the plant material. Due to the concentrated flavour of our bitters a little goes a long way. You can add a few drops in our range of gins to create new flavours, to cocktails or simply add to tonic water as a refreshing low alcohol drink. Our bitters are 5cl and are 60% abv. Bitters available are:

  • Orange

  • Grapefruit

  • Chai

  • Celery

  • Root Beer

  • Sour Cherry

  • Schizandra

  • Pink Pepper

  • Cocoa Bean

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Bitter tasting plants, fruits, roots and berries have been steeped in alcohol and water throughout history and used to stimulate the digestive system. Some of the famous brands we know developed and consumed as medicines. We create concentrated bitters by steeping fresh and dried herbs, fruits and plants into our No.1 Gin. If you're someone that loves trying new flavours of gin but doesn't want to commit to a full bottle of something new, these versatile bitters can be used to add flavour to your gin and tonic, or added to tonic for a lighter abv drink. 

 Here are some Serving suggestions, we encourage you to get creative:

Orange Bitters:

Add these to your gin and tonic for a bitter-sweet orange taste. These are also great added to a glass of soda or tonic for a lower abv refreshing drink. Use to create classic cocktails or to add a new dimension to old favourites. 

Chai Bitters:

Try adding this blend of chai spices to your gin and tonic. You can make a chai latte by adding drops to warm milk or plant milk. Make a spiced cold drink by adding a few drops to a a glass of tonic or soda water and ice.


Turn your gin into grapefruit gin by adding a few drops. Create a bitter citrus soft drink by adding drops to soda or tonic water and ice. Use to create classic cocktails or to add a new dimension to old favourites. 


It goes without saying that celery is an integral part of a bloody mary, add concetrated celery flavour without the power of celery salt. Try adding a few drops to your gin for a savoury element. Use to create classic cocktails or to add a new dimension to old favourites. 

Root Beer:

These can be added to your gin for a classic root beer flavoured gin and tonic, they are refreshingly bitter added to soda or tonic water and give you a 'grown ups' version of a botanical root beer without the usual sugar of root beer.