Speciality Gins - Grapefruit & Hop - 50cl

Speciality Gins - Grapefruit & Hop - 50cl


Speciality Gins - 40% abv

We love to experiment and create small batches of limited edition gins using the No.1 as a base. Our current gins are:

No.2 Grapefruit: our No.1 is lightly infused with fresh pink grapefruits to create a bitter-sweet citrus gin.

No.3 Citra Hop: our No.1 is delicately infused with fresh Citra Hops creating a bitter, smooth, citrus hop flavour.


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Our limited edition gins give us a chance to experiment with the No.1 Gin by taking the flavour profile in different ways. These are lightly flavoured to compliment and work alongside the botanicals of the No.1. Gin. Our current speciality gins are:

Grapefruit Gin:

We have combined fresh pink grapefruit peel and flesh with our No.1 to create a citrus, bitter-sweet Gin. We like it with ice, Indian tonic, or the Fever tree Mediterranean tonic.

Citra Hop Gin:

The bitter, citrus and almost tropical flavour of Citra hops combined with our No.1 gin creates a smooth zesty gin. We like it with ice, indian tonic or the Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic. 

Past editions of have seen us create a Christmas gin with Cocao, orange and cinnamon, a Summer cooler with Rhubarb, Elder flower, Passion fruit and Blackcurrant, a Valentines Gin with Raspberry and Passion fruit.